Red Cross Looking for Volunteers

They're desperately seeking your help as we enter the weekend. Red Cross volunteers just returning from the hurricane battered coast are regrouping and planning as they prepare to journey back to those same areas.

Marian Welch, a Red Cross volunteer for 20 years, says, "A lot of these have gone through a lot of devastation. They lost everything they ever had, and especially your older people have to start over at this stage. It's really very hard and it's overwhelming to them sometimes."

Chris Floyd, who helps run the Capital Area Chapter, says though Hurricane Dennis has come and gone, the work needed to rebuild lives will continue.

Chris says, "We're here for the long-term to deal with long-term recovery issues in Wakulla and Franklin Counties into the weeks, months and years to come."

Floyd says close 300 volunteers have given their time over the past few days, but as we enter the weekend, he's asking for an additional 20 or 30.

Chris adds, "We need some people to do data entry right now. We need people to prepare meals and deliver meals, move bottled water. If you're a nurse, we need nurses.”

The hope is that those affected by the storm will know help is just around the corner.

Floyd says if you want to volunteer this weekend, don't call, just stop in to the main office at 187 Office Plaza Drive in Tallahassee.