Businesses Try to Recover

Seven weeks ago, Hurricane Dennis pushed about five feet of water into several Wakulla County businesses. Still, recovering business owners found themselves bracing for Katrina.

Owners of the St. Marks River Cantina and the Riverside Cafe in Saint Marks say their equipment and furniture were under several feet of water during Hurricane Dennis.

Monday, effects from Hurricane Katrina flooded area roads with about two feet of water.

Steve Dunbar, owner of the St. Marks River Cantina, says, "By now, we've got it cleaned up and operating again, only to be faced with a similar situation. We're standing around with our fingers crossed today hoping it's not going to get as bad as it was with Dennis."

Posey's seafood restaurant is still condemned from Hurricane Dennis’ damages. Plans to reopen for Labor Day have been delayed.

There were no damages reported from Katrina in St. Marks.