Wakulla Residents Relieved They Weren't Overwhelmed by Katrina

In St. Marks, local businesses are still recovering from Hurricane Dennis. With the water already rising, local business owners and residents say they're preparing for anything Katrina brings their way.

Stanley West, owner of Riverside Café, says, "We know storms are coming and we get ready for them as best we can. Dennis kind of took us a little by surprise because everything we put up, it floated everything off."

An evacuation was ordered for St. Marks Sunday afternoon. By 8:30 Monday morning, local roads were already beginning to flood. There were about two feet of water several hours later.

Tom Clore, Fire Chief, says, "We had some fairly strong gusts down here, supposedly anywhere from 40 to 60 mile-per-hour gusts, so it should bring the water in here.”

In Shell Point, high winds and wild waves made a strong presence. Checkpoints were set to closely monitor the water levels, which were expected to rise above the seawall.

Fearing the worst, most everyone took heed of the evacuation order.

Regina Gray, a resident, says, "We came back early this morning. We weren't sure if we wanted to stay or not. We have three other kids in school today, so [we'd] rather be safe than sorry."

The effects of Hurricane Katrina were not as bad at Shell Point as Hurricane Dennis was, but people say they were not going to take that chance.

Residents were allowed to return to their homes by noon and there were no damage reports out of Wakulla County.