Commission to Consider Rudy Maloy's Legal Fees

At Tuesday night's commission meeting there are some agenda items that deal with former Commissioner Maloy's legal fees.

Speaking with commissioners and lawyers Monday, it's still hard to say what will happen. More than $250,000 is how much Stephen Dobson is asking for from the Leon County Commission.

Dobson, a lawyer, successfully defended former Commissioner Rudy Maloy when criminal charges were brought against him, and at this point, Dobson and his legal team are offering the county a deal, this after a judge ruled Dobson should get his money from the county.

Herb Thiele, Leon County Attorney, says, "If we pay this judgment and some additional costs, the total is about $252,000; they will not cross appeal if we appeal."

But for some, that deal simply won't fly.

Tony Grippa, Leon County Commissioner, says, "I'm going to continue to vote to fight paying any of Rudy's legal bills. I don't think his lawyers are entitled to it. They should go to Mr. Maloy."

Aside from Stephen Dobson, there's another lawyer who represented Maloy who wants his legal fees to be paid.

Herb Thiele says,” Essentially, a different factual case than the ones that are also on the agenda. This one involves an elections commission allegation that was found insufficient."

Now, Attorney Mark Herron is asking for payment of slightly more than $600.

Tony Grippa says, "At this point, I'd take a look at it, but at the end of the day I think the bills belong squarely to Rudy Maloy."

Former Commissioner Rudy Maloy says he only hopes the commission follows the law. He says since he was a commissioner when the accusations were made against him and he was found not guilty, then the county by law should pay the legal fees.

Attorney Herb Thiele says bills like the $600 legal fee have been paid in the past, so it would not be unusual for the county to pay it.