Superintendent Sends Son to Private School

Some parents in Jefferson County have opted to send their children to private institutions or to other counties, but now the school system's superintendent is doing the same thing, and it's causing some folks to question that decision.

Jefferson County Superintendent Phil Barker has made a family decision to take his son out of the public school system and enroll him at Aucilla Christian Academy in Jefferson County.

It's a decision that has some tongues wagging in this rural community.

Phil Barker says, "They don't know all the details that come forth to make the decisions that we've made for my own son. I have asked them and told anyone interested in that."

Still, the move is raising eyebrows and concern about the public school system.

Ronald Slik, a concerned citizen, says, "It sends the same message that everyone thinks about the school system here, that it's not good enough for their kids to go through, and I'm sorry, that's not the way it should be."

C.P. Miller, a Jefferson County parent, says, "We have some great teachers and principals in our school system; however, it doesn't excuse the chief administrator to be exempt from having his kid in our public school system."

It’s a system that's been criticized by some for years, forcing some parents to home-school their children, but the superintendent says his decision to send his son to the academy has no bearing on the schools.

Barker says there are qualified employees in place to help all the students in the county achieve academic success. Barker says he has an open door policy and will talk to interested persons who are concerned about his decision.