Misuse of Laser Pointers Raising Concern in Rose City

The handheld devices are becoming a concern to Rose City law enforcement. Thomasville Police OFC Joey Rollins says a laser pointing his direction means one thing.

OFC Rollinds says, "First thing comes to mind is a weapon being pointed at me. Most of the guns today are laser capable of having a laser put on them."

Thomasville police say they're receiving numerous complaints of teens flashing handheld laser pointers at police officers and drivers on Rose City roadways. Police say the devices, which can be found in many stores, cause momentary blindness when shined in someone's eyes, a danger to motorists and a concern to police officers.

Rollins adds, "A laser or a gun, we don't know, but we're trained to point a weapon at them if we have to."

Thomasville police say they believe most of the laser pointer incidents are pranks, but they say it will be no laughing matter to anyone caught misusing one.

SGT Rachelle Denmark, spokesperson for Thomasville Police, says, "If you don't use them the way they're directed to be used on the package, then you're using them in a way that you shouldn't, and if you use them in a way that is criminal, then charges will be filed."

Thomasville police offer a few safety tips when using a laser pointer, including avoiding contact with eyes and keeping out of reach of children. Police say there've been no injuries and no arrests resulting from laser pointer incidents, and by raising awareness, hopefully there won't be.

Thomasville police say charges for misusing a laser pointer can range from reckless conduct to more serious offenses depending on the situation.