St. George Island

Pristine sandy beaches filled with sunbathers are usually a common site on St. George Island, yet Hurricane Dennis put a damper on the summer season.

On St. George Island local businesses thrive during the summer months, but with these months quickly winding down many employees are feeling the punch left behind by Hurricane Dennis' wrath.

Brian Blackburn , manager of BJ's Pizzas and Subs, said, "We're closed; last weekend could have been our biggest weekend of the year, so we lost that and with rentals being closed down we're just feeding the workers."

But things are slowly getting back to normal for employees, though some say they still have a long way to go. Owners say they are feeling pressured to get their businesses up and running for the last few weeks of the busy season.

"We have an average of about 400 homes and we've got about 100 that we are trying to get back up and going," said Diana Prickett of Report Vacation Properties.

One factor slowing down the cleanup process at the beach is sand. The storm buried several homes. Now owners have the task of making necessary repairs while they look to the future.

Employees on the beach say it is still too early to tell exactly how bad their income will be affected because of Hurricane Dennis.