Southern Hospitality Work Camp

One local community is beaming with pride after several neighborhoods received a facelift by some very generous teenagers.

Thelma Faircloth's home glistens of white and baby blue in the afternoon sunlight.

"I cry every time I drive up in my driveway because it’s so nice and pretty and the kids didn't mind it a bit," shared Faircloth.

She's talking about the five teens who transformed her home, all part of the Southern Hospitality Work Camp, which wrapped up Sunday.

Although the teenagers have left Valdosta, these homeowners say they left a lasting impression.

Vernon Haddock, who has lived in his home for 60 years, said, "They were fantastic. Fourteen and 15-year-olds that weren't accustom to the heat, they weren't accustomed to this type of work and they just came in and stuck to it and did a good job."

Homeowners Luke and Nellie Baldwin say they feel they same way. The transformation to their home was stunning.

"It needed a whole lot of tender loving care. We had no way of knowing how it was going to be done, but miracles still happen," added the Baldwins.

The week-long work camp not only improved the appearance of 52 homes in Valdosta, it improved neighborhood morale; beautiful homes for beautiful people, touched by the generosity of more than 400 teens looking to improve a beautiful city.

City officials say all the repairs this last week brought them one step closer toward their goal of eliminating substandard housing by the year 2020.