Wakulla Debris Cleanup

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While Katrina had minimal impact in Wakulla County, folks can't say the same for Hurricane Dennis, and the evidence is still there.

Tons and tons of storm debris still needs picking up and the free service is coming to a close. All is quiet in Shell Point; a little chop on the water, but no major damage from Hurricane Katrina.

Mrs. Linda Bass says, “I feel blessed it didn't hit us, but feel sorry for the ones that have to go through it. I know how they feel.”

She knows because she was a hurricane victim too. In July, Dennis gutted her home and destroyed several others along the shore.

Seven weeks later, cleanup continues and the clock is ticking if folks want help from the county.

Wakulla County officials say all debris from mobile homes to rusty appliances must be kicked to the curb before September. That leaves just 24 hours to tear down and pile up.

Tomy Martin says, “It only takes two to three days to tear it down to the foundation, but the hardest part is getting it out to the road.”

If you ask Mrs. Bass, it's a tough task throwing out your belongings, and for some it will be near impossible to meet the deadline. She'll make sure and meet Wednesday's deadline, but others may not be as lucky, leaving them to fend for themselves.

The county says it will help those who can't make the deadline and don't have insurance, but if you do have insurance and you don't want to pick up the tab at the landfill, you'd better hurry. Your deadline is Wednesday.