Fallen Agent Honored

A fallen FDLE agent was honored on Tuesday.

The words of Special Agent in Charge Tom McInerney described Florida Department of Law Enforcement Special Agent Jessie B. Dobson.

Dobson was the first FDLE agent to die in the line of duty. He was honored Tuesday when the driveway leading into FDLE headquarters was named after him.

Deborah Dobson, Special Agent Dobson's wife, says, "It's just so heartwarming after 14 years for them to still remember him and not forget him. The family doesn't…”

Dobson was a pilot with FDLE’s domestic marijuana eradication program. He died in 1991 during a mission near Live Oak when his plane went down.

FDLE Commissioner Guy Tunnell says he can imagine Dobson being a part of the emergency response troops aiding victims in New Orleans and Mississippi devastated by Hurricane Katrina.

Guy Tunnell says, "He'd be one of the first to line up and step to the front of the line and ask to go volunteer to serve over in the impacted areas. That's just the kind of person he was."

Unveiling J.B. Dobson Lane on August 30 marked the date of Dobson's death. Family and friends say it begins a new road to memories of the fallen hero.

Special Agent Dobson's wife, three daughters, son and a host of other family members and friends were present at the dedication.