Katrina Brings Beneficial Rain to South Georgia Peanut Crops

As peanut crops are coming into harvest season, farmers say it's a crucial time for rain. In fact, they say some areas of Thomas County and southwest Georgia had gotten so dry and the peanuts really needed the extra water.

John Bulloch, a peanut farmer, says, "Since we dodged the bullet of the wind and bad weather that went with it, the rainfall was very beneficial for the peanuts crop."

At this point in the season farmers say peanuts need about two inches of water per week, but as harvest time approaches, the water could hurt the crop.

Larry Cunningham, a peanut buyer, says, "Too much rain in the last two weeks before the harvest will reduce peanut yield 35 pounds for each inch of water."

Local farmers are hoping the weather cooperates. They say if it does. this year's crop may prove to be a large one.

Bulloch adds, "We got a pretty good looking peanut crop right now, and with a couple more rains as have been forecasted we'll probably have a record peanut crop this year."

Farmers say once peanuts are on top of the ground and they begin harvesting them, they'll need dry sunny weather.

Peanut farmers will begin harvesting their crop in a few weeks and continue through the end of October.