Infrastructure Problems

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Construction is a familiar sight in the city of Midway. In the past few years, several subdivisions have been developed and new businesses have relocated to the area, but now there's concern if adequate infrastructure is in place to meet the demands.

Eugene Lamb, County Commissioner District 1, says, "What I'd like to see is the county of Gadsden, Talquin Electric and the other municipalities get together and make sure they can install a sewer system when we're bringing these new subdivisions to our county."

Commissioner Eugene Lamb says he's excited about the new homes and businesses coming to the area, but he's concerned there is no sewer system in place to accommodate this new growth.

The mayor of Midway says the city is now making provisions for a sewer system for all residents.

Delores Madison says, "One of the things we've done when we're building new residential homes, we're allowing for sewage systems to come into play. Septic tanks won't be an issue for new residents and some of the older residents."

Madison anticipates the city will be online with the sewer system in the next five years. Madison says the city will also acquire funding to pave roads. The city is also looking into getting lights at the interstate ramps in Midway.