Bag of Clothes Forces Partial Shutdown Monday of TalTran Services

Standing in the shade at a street corner instead of the C.K. Steele Plaza, TalTran bus riders are steered away from a possible threat of a bomb.

Vernette Wilkerson Powell says, "As I was coming up to the bus terminal, I said, 'Lord, thank you that there was another destination for the buses to come,' so I think this is kind of alright because the people are safe."

Around ten o'clock Monday morning, a TalTran employee noticed a suspicious package in one of the restrooms. Tallahassee police were called immediately.

OFC John Newland, Tallahassee police spokesperson, says, "Officers came down, observed the suspicious package, and at 10:30 they immediately went ahead and quarantined off the area and started the evacuation procedures."

Once the terminal was evacuated, a bomb squad robot was sent in. A couple hours later a second robot was sent to help. As a precaution, buses were re-routed to pick passengers up about two blocks down from the terminal.

Victor Moore, a bus rider, says, "It's putting us out of the way of danger. It's good. They're thinking; they're using their heads."

Benjamin Kelly adds, "It's hot and confusing. I feel like it's more safe down here than up there because we do have some crazy people in this world today, we really do."

After several hours of investigation, it turned out to be only a bag of clothing. Police are not sure who left the bag, but say it was most likely left by a homeless person.