Leon County Jail Evaluation

For the most part, commissioners, staff, and the Leon County sheriff agree things have gotten better.

Bill Proctor, Leon County Commissioner, says, "I think things at the jail are moving in a forward position, but nothing is perfect."

Leon County Commissioner Bill Proctor says he represents the majority of people in the Leon County Jail, and that's why he's been so vocal about his concern of different jail issues.

While he says things have improved at the jail, there is still one very important issue that needs to be addresses immediately. Sheriff Larry Campbell agrees.

"We have too many people in the jail," Campbell says.

Bill Proctor adds, "We need to look at what is generating this high number of people."

Some ideas on how to cut back include more GPS tracking and creating a bigger work camp, maybe even a farm, but aside from discussing problems, Commissioner Proctor also had some compliments for a particular jail program.

Bill Proctor says, "And this is for the number of people who have received GEDs. The people who have been working toward education attainment."

Proctor and Campbell have fought about jail issues in the past, but both say they're now working together.

Commissioner Proctor and Sheriff Campbell also had serious questions about the jail medical provider, Prison Health Services. Now, both say they are satisfied with PHS.