Could 2005 Be a Record Hurricane Season?

As is customary, Gov. Jeb Bush attended the annual hurricane briefing Monday. He didn't seem to expect such a torrid start to the season.

"We're on the ‘E’ storm already; two of those storms have hit Florida."

It’s not a particularly good track record after taking four devastating hits in 2004. You may ask how this season compares to the most active season on record. There are the 21 designated names for hurricanes and tropical storms each season. We've already used up five.

1933 is the most active season in recorded history. It had 21 tropical storms and hurricanes. Three had already formed through July 18 of that year. 2005 is already two storms ahead of the all-time record pace.

Two hurricanes and one tropical storm clobbered Florida in 1933; one in July, one in August and one in September. Residents are not anxious to see scenes like these repeated anymore later this season. Each system clearly leaves its mark.

Craig Fugate, Director of the Florida Division of Emergency Management, says, "When people look at overall numbers and sheer size of storms, it underestimates the real impacts to real people."

That's why state officials urge everyone to keep an eye on each and every storm during the entire June through November season.

Meteorologists believe atmospheric conditions are ripe to make this one of the busiest hurricane seasons on record.