The Role DNA Testing Plays in Crime Fighting

DNA testing is breakthrough technology that keeps putting criminals away.

Detectives with the Leon County Sheriff's Office were processing a burglary scene at an auto repair shop last year when they came across a ball cap. It turns out it would become a significant piece of evidence in finding their suspect.

SGT Steve Harrelson with LCSO says, "We knew we'd be able get DNA evidence off the item, particularly the piece of clothing that was used because of its contact with the skin quite often."

The cap was sent to the FDLE crime lab and the DNA found inside was put up against a massive DNA database.

Harrelson says the DNA found in the hat belongs to Eugene Holmes, Jr., who is serving a prison sentence in Sneads. He's now charged with burglary and grand theft.

Chris Chase with LCSO says, "A lot of people think of DNA being used in murders, rapes, but we're actually able to use DNA on other crimes and it’s really a wonderful link like fingerprints and other wonderful evidence found on-scene."

The DNA link recently helped solve a nine-year-old murder case last month in Leon County, and as the database grows and the technology improves, SGT Chris Chase says he hopes to see more criminals paying for their crimes

DNA evidence is routinely resubmitted as the database grows each year.