Hands Across the Border

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Law enforcement in Florida and Georgia come together to kick off their "Hands Across the Border" campaign. This commitment between agencies will help save lives.

It's a symbolic handshake, but the meaning behind it is one of commitment from officers to work together to enforce traffic laws in all bordering states.

SGT Bruce Gaines with LCSO says, "It sends a clear message to the public that Georgia, Florida and Alabama, all bordering states, come together and we've been doing it for 14 years; it's a great cause and it's been a very successful program."

"Hands Across the Border" encourages road safety, obeying the speed limit, not driving under the influence and the importance of buckling up.

MAJ Mark Trammell with FHP says, "We're all committed to make this handshake across the border to indicate that we're all committed together, Florida and Georgia, all agencies to highway safety in our area."

Officers in both Florida and Georgia say this campaign is a reminder to drivers that once they cross the state line, they're not home free. Officers on both sides will be doing their job.

SGT Jamie Sullivan of the Georgia State Patrol says, "The more that we get the word out that every state agency, every local agency, and every sheriff's department will be out in full force all holiday weekend to enforce the law, and it's not to create revenue, it's to make people slow down to save lives."

Officers say as the holidays approach fatalities increase in highways throughout the country. The hope, officers add, is to educate the public and save lives.

Officers say during the holiday weekend they will have sobriety checkpoints to avoid fatalities. Last year 23 people died on Florida roadways and another 15 died in Georgia.