Thomas County Women Open Property to Katrina Evacuees

Some local residents are reaching out to those far from home.

Thomas County resident Hope Williams says she knows the devastation that comes with a hurricane. She survived Hurricane Andrew while living in south Florida and now she wants to help those chased from their homes by Katrina.

Hope says, "We are opening our property to people who need to pitch a tent or bring their motor home or their camper or fifth wheel, whatever, I'm opening up my home to give these people a place to stay."

And Williams’ generous offer is rubbing off on friends who say they'll also be opening their homes to storm victims.

Hope Clark, an Ochlocknee resident, says, "All these people are going to be homeless. They've lost everything already and that's the very least that we could do is open up our homes and our hearts to them."

Clark says she'll open her eight-acre property in Ochlocknee to anyone seeking refuge, and Williams says she's willing to set up tents and port-a-lets on her five-acre property, and rent out a mobile home for free.

Clark says, "This devastation in our own backyard, now it's time for Americans to kick in and help our own people."

Williams adds, "My heart just goes out to these people, and I want to help."

They are generous offers by two women named Hope, trying to bring some to those in desperate need of it. Both women are encouraging storm refugees to contact them.

Williams can be reached at 229-228-4732 or 229-221-9549, if you’re seeking a place stay or set up camp.