Literacy Drive

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The literacy program, also known as CLCP, brings together local government, businesses and educators with the goal of improving community literacy levels.

Rozanne Eubanks says, "A 10-year commitment to reach 50 percent of that population plus one person in improving their literacy level."

Lauren Wells is a program success story. She received her GED and is now a student at Thomas University.

Lauren Wells of the Thomas County Adult Literacy Program says, "It's more of a learning lesson as far as I go. I had the privilege of being a peer tutor in the adult literacy program, and through being a peer tutor I got to work firsthand with students who were in the program and really got see the changes that this program is making in other people's lives."

As a part of Tuesday’s ceremony, Thomas County communities were given street signs to show their participation in the literacy program.

Billie Izard, State Director of CLCP says, "I think this is an amazing group and what they have done is exactly what CLCP asks a community to do, and that is all the municipalities, all the towns, the entire community is involved in this program."

The county's CLCP committee is formed out of the Thomas County Family Connection. The committee says the county's illiteracy rate is about 35 percent, a number they hope as a community to improve.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, literacy problems here in the southeast alone cost employers $57 billion per year.