A "Heart"-Felt Contribution

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For the second time, the Dasher family has donated half a million dollars to the Heart Center, which bears its name at South Georgia Medical Center.

Hospital officials say the latest donation will a go long way in helping provide the best heart health care in the region.

Elizabeth Vickers, Foundation Director, says, "Without private dollars, with health care as expensive as it is today, there would be no way to equip, staff and renovate and provide the best service as we can."

The money from the donation will help transform all the patient rooms into private ones. Doctors say that's a small, but important way of improving care.

Cardiologists say this grant will allow them to expand the Dasher Heart Center and they say the expansion will help both doctors and patients for many years to come.

Dr. Trey Powell, Chief of Cardiology, says, "We'll continue to make upgrades in our equipment as technology in cardiology continues to evolve rapidly. Donations like the ones we've gotten from the Dasher family are the only way we can keep up."

It’s the only way doctors can keep up and even enjoy making an important difference in their community.

Dr. Powell adds, "It makes it fun and rewarding to work here, makes us all want to work harder for our community."

It’s harder work, which could mean more lives saved thanks to the generosity of one family. Officials say they appreciate huge, half-million dollar donations, but smaller gifts also work to help save lives.