Local Teens Hailed as Heroes

It happened this past weekend late at night as the teens spied trouble from their hotel balcony and jumped in to help.

Logan Rhodes, Reid Chapman, Kyle Ruditz and friend Danny Cammarata had gone to West Palm Beach for the Dave Matthews Concert. They were hanging out in their hotel room at the Hampton Inn when Danny spotted two men at the bottom of the pool.

Reid says, "That's when I jumped off the second story railing and I grabbed the first guy and that's when Logan grabbed the other guy."

Logan says, "I was right behind him, I saw him jump off the railing so I jumped off after him and I got the 29-year-old; they were both just lifeless at the bottom of the pool."

The teens struggled to pull the men out of the water. Another guest then coached the boys through CPR. Both drowning victims vomited and started breathing again.

Kyle says, "We were just rooting each other on, just do it, do it. It was scary. I didn't know what to do, but when you're in that position, you just gotta pull through sometimes."

The police report credits the sharp eyes and swift actions of these Tallahassee teenagers with saving the lives of Jose Rodriguez and Jose Gonzalez-Vite, who police say were drunk and drowning in that pool.

We have tried to check on the condition of those two men, but privacy laws have made that difficult. We did talk with one of the police officers on scene. He says one of the men pulled from the pool has been released from the hospital, but at last word the other was still in critical condition.