Hurricane-Struck Coastal Restaurants Slowly Reopening

A famous oyster bar in St. Marks may be ready to open as early as this weekend. Now, Posey's owners are crossing their fingers.

You can't visit St. Marks without trying Posey's topless oysters. At least that's what John Gunter believes. For 20 years the family restaurant has been serving seafood lovers from across the south.

John Gunter, who co-owns Posey's, says, “A lot of people from three states come down on Sunday afternoon to hang out and listen to music.”

But grooving and dancing came to a halt when Hurricane Dennis blew through town. Waters rose nearly five feet, drowning all contents inside.

In a community surrounded by two major rivers Hurricane Dennis brought in a record amount of water, flooding everything in its path.

At the Shell Island Marina and Motel, damage is severe. Boats are missing and rooms are soaking wet. The only good news comes from this furry guy. “Louis the Cat” survived his second hurricane trapped inside the empty marina.

Burt Island employees have bad news. The Marina won't open for weeks.

As for those topless oysters, Gunter hopes to be up and running this weekend. Other restaurants now open in St. Marks include the Riverside Cafe, the Sunset Grill and a few buffets.