Training Police Recruits for High Speed Chases

If you think you're a distracted driver, just think about what a police officer has to deal with: the radio, keeping an eye on traffic, and when something happens, the race to get to the scene.

OFC Michael Walker with the Tallahassee Police Department says, "A lot of people don't realize in the United States we lost more officers to driving than gunfire."

So before they hit the streets these Tallahassee police recruits are trading up their civilian driving skills to learn how to drive like an officer.

OFC Michael Walker says, "Auditory senses, their hearing can be reduced 60 percent as well as their vision, sometimes that's called tunnel vision, and we teach them ways of dealing with that."

They'll learn to deal through 40 hours of intense training behind the wheel.

Tod Vaughn, a TPD recruit, says, "The agency I came from didn't have this type of program and we basically drive around in patrol cars all day long and didn't have the type of aggressive training you would need."

The course may look like it's easy, but once you're on it it's a whole different story and it's everything you wished you could do back in driver’s ed.

Aida Limongi, a TPD recruit, says, “You get to test your limits in the breaking and the acceleration and the timing."

They'll be out on the course for the rest of the week, leaving with a whole new kind of driver’s education. The recruits will also be learning how to stop someone in order to end a pursuit safely.