A Labor of Love

The journey for Martha and Jean Michel Cravanzola began seven years ago with a century old house in downtown Monticello. Her dream? Transforming it into a bed and breakfast.

"He just said, ‘If you marry me, I'll come and build your business for you. I'll come and build your dream.’"

She never imagined what it would become and what Jean Michel would do.

"I looked around and said, ‘Oh my, I have so much to do here.’"

He refurbished the home almost completely on his own. Every wall, archway, down to the tiniest detail was the work of his own two hands and a wild imagination.

"Here you have the feeling of travelling somewhere; it's a little bit Venetian, a little bit French, a little bit Moroccan."

He calls the home a dream getaway. We call it a labor of love.

"I think, what do I need to do for my wife so she is happy today? What do I need to do? This is my dream."

"It's all passion and love and artistry and just the beautiful spirit my husband has."

The dream isn't over for Martha and Jean Michel. The home is still a work in progress, and the dream they've built is one they want everyone to see.

Jean Michel says he learned all the carpentry and other home improvements through Home Depot's 1-2-3 books!

If you'd like to see the house for yourself, you can call them at 850-342-3541.