Will Leon County EMS Unionize?

The people who rush to the scene to save lives have a decision to make that could change their lives.

In less than 30 days, some employees of Leon County EMS will be asked to vote.

"We've tried to give them as much information as possible. We're encouraging them to vote."

The issue at hand? Whether or not county EMS should unionize. As those who are eligible, to cast ballots wait to vote, there are mixed feelings.

"The main thing we've been trying to do is to just encourage them to vote. We've said that for any number of things, that things aren't broken. We think the EMS program is very good."

"I certainly don't feel there is a need for our employees to have a union. They don't need a union to represent them. We have an excellent package, wages, benefits working conditions."

One EMS worker who spoke to WCTV off camera says the current management is good, and the benefits are awesome, but some are concerned about the future. He says they also want to see equality in pay rate per hour, and more ambulance coverage.

"We've worked hard to improve the service. We think we're doing a good job before, but we added another 24 hour truck, and added more employees."

Some EMS workers agree, but say it could be time for a change. The vote will happen in the next thirty days. Of the almost one hundred EMS employees, only 51 are eligible to vote. Those employees are sergeants, full time paramedics, and EMTs.