Music and Motion

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One Thomas County school held an educational day that was music to the students’ ears. It's all about music and motion at Hand-in-Hand Primary School as Mr. Al, an educator and musician, brought learning to a new level.

Al Rasso says, "It helps kids to learn skills and concepts that help them in school and in life."

The hour-long program incorporates singing, dancing, exercising and learning.

Mr. Al says it's up tempo and students and teachers can all participate. Teachers say this kind of learning is vital.

Louise Bridges, a kindergarten teacher, says, "He teaches all kinds of basic skills with music, and children seem to learn better with music. A lot of his movements are crossing left and right, and that helps to connect left and right brain activities."

Linda Ivey, another kindergarten teacher, adds, "It really just gets them more involved so children that are kind of shy and withdrawn, it really opens things up for them and they really get out of their shy mode."

Hand-in-Hand Principal Sheila Bullington says Mr. Al has been performing at the school for years and his method of teaching through music has a positive affect on the kids.

Sheila Bullington says, "I think it's one of the main ingredients of learning. It helps pattern the brain for all the mathematical thinking. It just makes it fun. It makes the learning fun, and if it's fun, it sticks."

Every one moved their feet, but most importantly their brains were in constant motion.