Changes Coming to FHP Cruisers

The Florida Highway Patrol is making some changes to its vehicles, and those changes are going to make sure drivers are seeing red, but FHP says that's not a bad thing.

After more than 50 years, the Florida Highway Patrol will be changing its colors, of their emergency lights, that is.

LT John Bagnardi says, "The eye recognizes it better."

LT Baganardi is talking about the color red, which will soon be a new addition to the light bar on every FHP vehicle.

John Bagnardi adds, "We're hoping this will prevent crashes and deaths of law enforcement officers on the side of the road."

A Highway Patrol study found that when it comes to flashing lights, blue isn't as easily seen in the daylight as the color red.

CPL Timothy Roufa says, "What I like about it is the visibility it gives us. It's much brighter."

John Bagarnardi says, "Our biggest fear of being injured or killed is being on the side of the road, especially highways."

Just in case you think you might miss seeing those blue lights in your review mirror, don't worry, at night the blue lights will be back.

FHP says it should take about three or four years before every vehicle has the new light bar.

The cost difference for the new bar is about $600, which troopers say is a small price to pay for safety.

LT Bagnardi says about 4,000 officers, troopers and deputies are hit every year and some are killed.