FEMA Helps Wakulla County

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A dock in Panacea was no match for Hurricane Dennis' fury. It was torn to shreds, forcing owners to work quickly to fix it. Now, help is on the way.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency along with the state Emergency Response Team held a meeting to help non-profit organizations and government agencies with federal funds.

Victor Spencer, a specimen collector for the Golf Marine Lab, says, "I think it's great to have this money and get this going. I think the lab is important to have, and I think it's important to have the FEMA money to get this going so we can get the children back down here.”

Wakulla Emergency Management officials say Hurricane Dennis destroyed much of the beaches in Mashes Sands, ripping the roof of restrooms, tearing trees from their roots and ravishing roads.

Officials estimate the cost could be upwards of $600,000 to make repairs.

Joe Blanchard, director of Wakulla Emergency Management, says, "We also have several docks with severe damages, another one in Willy Park, so this will allow the county to rebuild those projects and put them back where the public can use them again.”

FEMA officials will be working with several counties to help them get back on track, footing 75 percent of the bill.

Opal Jackson, public affairs officer for FEMA, says, "We're conducting briefing throughout the 13 counties to help them understand the eligibility requirements and reimbursement process for debris and removal and emergency protective services.”

It’s a service that's a blessing to counties still reeling from last year's storm. Residents who have questions about assistance or FEMA applications should call their toll-free number at 1-800-621-FEMA (3362).