Tax Holiday

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Michelle Eubanks always waits for the sales tax holiday to pick up school supplies for her four children.

Michelle says, “If I’m in town I try to do all my shopping during that one week.”

But not everything is exempt. Clothes, shoes and accessories must be priced at less than $50 and school supplies must be less than $10. You’ll save about seven percent on the sales tax alone, plus many retailers plan sales to coincide with the holiday.

Whether you plan your shopping around the event or not, parents say it’s a welcome gesture.

Lydia Hatton, a parent, says, “I’m glad Floridians get the chance, you know, get it. I think we pay enough taxes as it is. It’s nice to get a break.”

State revenue officials estimate consumers will save almost $38 million in taxes, and you don’t have to buy school supplies to save.

Dave Bruns, Department of Revenue spokesperson, says, “Every year we get calls from citizens who say, you know, I’m not buying to send my kids back to school. I want to buy for my Aunt Minnie in Minneapolis. Go ahead and buy for Aunt Minnie, it’s tax free. It doesn’t matter.”

During the nine-day holiday, not only can you save money on clothes, school supplies and shoes, you can also avoid paying taxes on books. That was the governor’s idea to encourage reading.

State officials are hoping this tax break will be as popular as the tax holiday for hurricane supplies last month.