Dry Idea

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Residents in Chadwyck Place remember the hurricanes of 2004 all too well.

Severe flooding washed out roads and surprise midnight evacuations just scratches the surface of the trials and tribulations that have faced these residents, some of whom couldn't take any more water.

Paul Watkins, a resident, says, "You can't see the entrance. I mean, it literally comes up to the sides of the houses. The three in the back, the water comes through there like the Flint River. It just pours through."

After years of flooded homes and streets, residents of Chadwyck will finally get the relief they thought would never come because of pending litigation between the city and developer.

Von Shipman, City of Valdosta Engineer, says, "The cost of $500,000 will be bore by the city upfront and we'll let the courts determine who is ultimately responsible for these expenses."

It's a drainage relief project designed to pipe all the flood water away from this neighborhood.

Even though it's been several weeks, a front yard is still flooded with the remnants of Hurricane Dennis. Residents in this subdivision say they've been dealing with flooding issues just like this one for years and are happy something is finally being done.

Paul Watkins adds, "People have put their houses up for sale along that back stretch, and I don't mean to sound unappreciative, but it's long overdue."

It’s a long fight that's finally being resolved for residents like Watkins. City officials say the drainage relief project should be complete in the next few months.