"A Celebration of Giving"

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Tallahassee residents are among the millions who've been donating their time and money to hurricane victims since Katrina hit the Gulf Coast. Now, an umbrella group has formed to spear head all those efforts and hosted its first fundraising event.

Local bands and other entertainers donated their talents at the "Celebration of Giving" fund raiser for victims of Hurricane Katrina. This event at Kleman Plaza kicked off Saturday afternoon by the new fundraising group: Tallahassee, Americans Caring for Americans or TACA.

The founder, Fred Flowers, says, "Seeing all the terrible devastation sort of tugs at your heart and my mom and my family saying well, what can we do? And one thing led to another and made contact with different people and everybody just joined in."

Those who just joined in the efforts of TACA include local businesses as well as community service organizations. TACA hopes to organize and continue Tallahassee fundraising efforts for Katrina victims.

"It's nice to see our community really reaching out to help people and I think it's like the golden rule; we're doing what we would like others to do for us. Hopefully, we'll never have a disaster like that here," said Bob Goree, an event participant.

The Community Blood Center was also at the event, saying blood supply in the hurricane ravaged area is low, and says it'll continue to participate with TACA so our local blood supply is in order if hurricane affected areas call out for extra reserves.

In the newer future, WCTV may be teaming up with TACA, sponsoring a telethon to raise money for hurricane victims.