Teen Report: Young People and Health Issues

A program designed by teens for teens is helping kids stay healthy.

Valarie Joiner of "Diabetes and You" says, "Kids take advantage of their health. They say, ‘when I grow up I am going to be healthy.’ We help them control their lifestyle."

The program is called Diabetes and You. It brings health matters to kids who need it the most like Terrance Mathis. His grandmother has diabetes; now he can help her.

Terrance says, "Go to the doctor, regularly check her toes and all that stuff."

Not only do kids learn about diabetes, but they learn about so much more at the Lincoln Neighborhood Center.

Krystina Gavin of "Diabetes and You" says, “We've learned about underage drinking, how you have to be 21 in order to drink beer, and we also learn about smoking and how it can affect your body. One effect of smoking is cancer, so don't smoke.”

"Diabetes and You" is the result of teens who want to make a difference in their community. Every summer they tackle a different issue affecting teens. Dozens of teens are enrolled in the Diabetes and You program, held at the Lincoln Neighborhood Center.