Homeless Man Found Murdered in Tallahassee Woods

An anonymous tip led deputies to a campsite right off Timberlane Road, and now they're trying to track the man's killer.

The campsite is tucked deep in the woods, a makeshift maze of tents and tarps, and in the midst of it all was the decomposing body of a homeless man who may have been dead for days.

SGT Curtis Parker with the Leon County Sheriff's Office says, "I can tell you that it appears to be a white male and that's it at this point; we're still trying to identify him."

This crime scene is not far from the old abandoned Winn-Dixie, and right across the street from the scene of a brutal stabbing last summer.

Most of the people we spoke to who work nearby are disturbed, but not surprised by the latest killing.

Diane Kerz, who works at a nearby salon, says, "It doesn't frighten me personally, but I think that anybody's at risk anymore since that other incident happened over there. It just depends on how desperate people get."

By early afternoon deputies had identified the dead man, but are still trying to notify his family.

This campsite killing has officially been declared a murder, though deputies are being tight lipped about how the man was killed, and why. We'll keep you posted on the search for a suspect in this murder.

Also, David Meyer, who is accused of the deadly stabbing across the street at Market Square last summer, goes on trial Monday.