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Local and federal officials disagree over the plan to repopulate New Orleans, but that isn't stopping some residents from finally returning to their homes.

Mayor Ray Nagin is undertaking an ambitious effort to repopulate the city, but his plan clashes with some federal officials who are openly questioning the wisdom of returning so soon.

But New Orleans is emerging from the floodwaters. The community of Algiers Point is the welcoming the first wave of returning residents.

Ed Sheehy, an Agliers resident, said, "This is not a pretty picture."

Ed Sheehy packed up and moved out as soon as he got word Katrina was on her way. He is wondering why the federal government didn't send help earlier.

"It's about those who have money surviving and those who don't, tough," added Sheehy.

Algiers is an area almost as old as the French quarter. It traditionally doesn't flood; it sits on higher ground than the rest of New Orleans.

Jump starting the economy is a big part of reclaiming the region after Katrina. Tout Suite Coffee House is still brewing coffee and serving up something a little extra.

"We're not worried about commerce right now. I don't think that's appropriate yet. Right now we need to take care of each other," shared Jill Marshall, Tout Suite business owner.

And if the people of this neighborhood are any indication, no one here is eager to give up on New Orleans, but with massive damage and hurricane season still in full gear, hopes for a quick recovery could be overly optimistic.