Welcome to Crawfordville

To really get to know the down-to-earth people of Crawfordville, you'll have to bring your appetite.

That's because the favorite hangout revolves around breakfast, lunch, and dinner. From barbecue to homemade sweets, folks in Crawfordville know how to do it right when it comes to southern cooking. But perhaps the most famous of all the fine dining establishments is Myra Jeans. It's a staple in the community, one that's been there, how many years?

Two decades isn't bad, especially when your customers have become like family. Perhaps the most enjoyment comes when the food arrives. As for the best item on the menu:

“The grilled chicken pita, buffalo spinach wrap, and the country fried steak dinner [are] local favorites.”

Top it off with some delectable ice cream and you'll see why folks call Myra Jean's their hometown favorite. Locals say their other favorite restaurants include Posey's in Panacea and The Forgotten Coast Seafood Grill in Crawfordville.