Mentoring for Struggling Schools

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There's a new pilot program in Florida designed to help struggling schools improve student performance. It's called "Focus on Achievement: The Florida Mentoring Partnership’s Program for Struggling Schools.”

It involves eight counties around Florida, each with at least one "F" rated elementary school including Gadsden and Jefferson Counties.

Stewart Street Elementary is the only failing school in the Gadsden School District. Administrators say they welcome the initiative.

Reginald James says, "I think any mentoring is possible. We're always trying to recruit mentors in our school district. We allow our staff to mentor, and any effort from the state to recruit mentors, we're really supportive.”

County and city mayors will be leading the charge to recruit government, corporate and local leaders as mentors to help students within their own communities.

The number of volunteers engaged in helping children through the Florida mentoring partnership recently passed the 200,000 mark.