Gas Prices

Gas prices continue to rise as the summer months are winding down, but has the increase caused motorists to think twice about taking a road trip?

Warmer weather makes for great vacations, but with the rise in temperatures this summer, so go the gas prices.

Motorists are feeling the impact on their wallets as they fill up week after week, but how high is too high to affect how often they hit the roads? Some drivers would not consider any other means of transportation when planning out their summer vacations.

Robert Crawford, a Leon County motorist, said, "Not necessarily flying. I try to fly as less as possible but you just try to bite the bullet and hopefully our leadership will work on this issue."

Although some motorists would rather drive even though gas prices are on the rise, others believe it helps to be conscious of prices when heading out for vacation.

"It definitely makes me think every time I get in the car of how much I'm spending to get where I'm going," shared Tristan Shelfer, a Leon County motorist.

Because the most expensive grade in Georgia is still cheaper then the least expensive grade in Florida, many Florida residents are crossing the border to fill up in Georgia.

On the average most residents said they were willing to drive the extra miles just for the cheaper gas and wouldn't think twice when planning their summer vacation.

As of July 13, AAA reports Florida and Georgia are both experiencing record high gas prices. They also say Florida's state average for a gallon of gasoline is $2.31 and Georgia's is at $2.23 per gallon.