St. George Island State Park

It's been almost two weeks since Hurricane Dennis made landfall, causing parts of St. George Island to be totally submerged in flood waters, but Saturday, the island's state park opened back up.

Looking at the state beach you could see evidence of displaced sand and some debris. Hurricane Dennis took out 80 percent of the park's primary dunes.

The yellow caution flag was flying at the entrance, but that didn't keep beach lovers and vacationers from the enjoying the day at the historic state park.

Josh Maddox, a vacationer from Lincoln, Nebraska, shared, "We kind of wanted to come down here and see it, see if we wanted to come back here at all and see just what we missed compared to Mexico Beach, kind of."

Business owners at St. George say the island is up and running and ready for business as usual, especially now that the state park is open again.