Angelo's Restaurant

It's been two weeks since Hurricane Dennis tore through the Gulf Coast. In Wakulla and Franklin Counties the damage is still taking its toll. While some businesses have managed to reopen, others must start from scratch.

News of Posey's oyster bar returning to business has given St. Marks something to smile about, but the elated feeling isn't shared in Mashes Sands where another famous restaurant took a major beating.

Angelo's owner, Arline Petrandis, said, "It was scary! There was so much devastation, it was numbing."

Hurricane Dennis left the famous seafood haven battered and weathered down. Angelo's was destroyed!

After 60 years of business, Angelo’s was forced to close, but after nine days of grief and frustration, Wakulla County commissioners delivered good news to the owners.

"Mr. Petrandis will be able to rebuild on the spot he's on now without going through long process if he'd had to do it any other way," shared Ed Brimner, a Wakulla County commissioner.

The Department of Environmental Protection okayed the sight; now plans are underway to bring Angelo’s back to life and back to its worldwide customers.

"I've been in Europe and someone said I've been there (Angelo’s) so we are happy to see Angelo's back in business soon," added Brimner.

Back in business and back in the hearts of all its loyal customers. Brimner says construction at Angelo’s will begin in the next few weeks.