Business Brief

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OPEC says it will release more crude oil to the world as Hurricane Rita threatens the Texas oil industry. After a record gain in crude oil on Monday, prices fell more than a dollar Tuesday.

In the second day of meetings in Vienna, ministers for the organization of the petroleum exporting countries agreed to release two million extra barrels a day.

The oil cartel all but admitting they have no real means to cool red-hot petroleum markets.

The world's biggest retailer is feeling the heat as it faces a tough lawsuit from some 116,000 former and current Wal-Mart employees.

Lawyers in California representing the group told a jury the company systematically and illegally denied workers lunch breaks.

The suit is among some 40 cases nationwide alleging workplace violations against Wal-Mart. The case follows a 2001 state law which says employees who work at least six hours must have a thirty minute, unpaid lunch break. If they don't get it, the law requires they are paid for an additional hour.

Lawyers say the workers in the class-action suit are owed more than $66 million plus interest. Wal-Mart says workers did not demand penalty wages on a timely basis and says it did pay some employees.