Mr. Food: Butterfly Shrimp

Ever wonder why, at the restaurants, very often our shrimp, chicken, or pork chops look so much bigger than what we make at home? Is it more food? Not always.

So what's the trick?

It's simple – it's called butterflying – and we can do that too. Now, the accepted explanation tells us that butterflying is a butcher's technique for splitting food horizontally without cutting all the way through – then it opens up like the wings of a butterfly.

Now, why would we want to? The big reason is so our food will cook evenly in about half the time, because the meat's not as thick.

Here's how: Beginning on the thicker side, hold a sharp knife parallel to the cutting surface, and slice the food almost completely in half – stopping about 1/4 inch from the other side.

Now we can easily open it up, pat the new surface down to make it flat, and, like that, see? It looks like a butterfly! Plus, plus…it looks a lot bigger too! Easy enough? Sure! Now, we can do that with our boneless chicken breasts, or here's pork tenderloin – even butterflied shrimp!

And if our recipe calls for stuffing our foods, butterflying allows us to do just that! Now that we know the trick, we ought to give it a try and show off our fancy skills.

After all, it gives us more reason to have fun in the kitchen so easily preparing all sorts of…"OOH IT'S SO GOOD!! ®"