New School Leaders

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Sandra Collins is now the new principal at Jefferson County Elementary School. Collins was recognized by Gov. Jeb Bush for turning a "D" school into an "A" institute, and she's determined to bring her winning success to the rural community.

Sandra says, "What I hope to do with this particular school is for it to become an 'A', and by changing some things and looking at the curriculum differently and instilling the love of reading and all those wonderful things that students need to know by making them lifelong learners."

Collins joins a list of other newly hired employees, including former East Gadsden Principal Chalmus Thomas, who will continue that role at Jefferson County High School. Dr. Kelvin Norton is now the executive director of operations, and Sherry Heyen is the executive director of school improvement.

The superintendent says the four were among a long list of qualified applicants who he believes will turn the tides of academic success.

Phil Barker shares, "They had served in counties that had similar demographics in our county and similar challenges that we've faced with, and we feel like they can come right in and make some positive changes for us and the kids.”

School officials hope the positive changes they'll implement will become the winning combination for success this coming school year. The three new employees are slated to begin working this coming month.