County Library to Be Named After Late Commissioner

Commissioners voted to name the new Gadsden County library in his honor.

Henry Gunn, the president of Gadsden County Men of Action, says, “He did a whole lot of things here in Gadsden County and he certainly deserves this honor."

Mary McGill, widow, says, "He was a father, he was a husband, he was a family person. He would help anyone in need regardless of who you are. It doesn't matter who you were, white, blue, black, red or yellow, he was there."

McGill was said to have strong ties across Florida.

As far as the library, he was said to have done all of the negotiations for the financing of the library project before losing his battle with cancer. For that reason, McGill supporters feel naming the county library after him is appropriate.

Marguerite DuPont, a McGill supporter, says, "We couldn't understand; why would you want to pigeonhole him there? If you want to have the one in Havana after Bill McGill, you can do that, but we really wanted this main library."

McGill supporters hope with his name across the county's library his legacy will live on. Commissioner Brenda Holt expects the new library to open its doors before the end of this year.