Meeting Cancelled Despite Willingness to Negotiate

It's known as Fallschase, and developers are now trying to negotiate with Leon County to finally start building in that subdivision, but the first negotiation session never even got off the ground.

At 10 a.m. Monday morning at the FAMU Credit Union on Monroe Street were the Fallschase development team, Leon County staff, the designator negotiator Commissioner Bill Proctor, along with Bob Rackleff. Everyone was in place, ready to negotiate, but it never happened because of one too many commissioners.

Herb Thiele, Leon County Attorney, said, "Essentially because two commissioners from the same board showed up at the same time to participate in a discussion that has sustenance, and is coming back to the board in August, because there was no public notice for this meeting, then the meeting cannot take place. "

So Commissioner Proctor asked Commissioner Rackleff to leave three times. He did not.

Bob Rackleff said, "I gave notice on July 12th at our regular meeting that I planned on attending all these meetings. I expected our representative to properly notice these meetings. Had he done so, there would be no problem with the meeting going forward."

Bill Proctor said, "It's just a rouse, an excuse, if you will, by Commissioner Rackleff to thwart this from moving forward. He disrespects his colleagues."

Even with all the proper players in place, including one extra, the negotiation meeting was cancelled and not yet rescheduled.

The county attorney says that Proctor was not obligated to announce this meeting to the public because no other commissioners were supposed to be there.

Ultimately, any decisions will be made by the full County Commission after two public hearings.