Thomas County Looks to Trounce Tuberculosis

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County health officials hope the second week of TB screenings will be better attended than the first.

Carolyn Engram, RN, of the Thomas County Health Department, says, "We had 50 percent of the students who were sent a letter show up, and we're strongly encouraging those who received a letter to come in and have their screenings done."

The poorly attended first set of screenings were for Thomasville High students who may have come in contact with the tuberculosis case last school year.

This week's screenings are for Archbold Hospital patients who may have come in contact with TB while the individual sought treatment at the facility.

Perry Mustian, Chief Operating Officer of Archbold, says, "We tried to cast a very broad net and make sure that we've included anyone who had that potential, and also if a patient had a family member or visitor with them, it would be important that they bring them along to be tested as well."

Staff members at the Thomas County Health Department say that often times people exposed to tuberculosis never come down with the disease, but they say it's still important that anyone who received a letter be tested.

Engram adds, "It is very important to get the screening just to make sure that you have not been in contact with some with tuberculosis."

This week's TB screenings are Tuesday and Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. at the Thomas County Health Department. Both of this week's screenings are also open to any Thomasville High students who received letters.