Marriage Amendment Battle

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Jon Durre and Robert Sullivan have been together for 12 years. Now as Jon battles terminal cancer, he pays $700 a month for health insurance, which he can’t get through Robert’s job.

John says, “There’s no validity to our 12 years.”

Jon and Robert say the proposed amendment to ban gay marriage would ensure that other couples like them couldn’t get health benefits.

They are part of an ACLU legal challenge to the amendment. The battle is now at the state Supreme Court where the ACLU is charging the amendment uses deceptive language and deals with more than one subject.

Howard Simon of the Florida ACLU says, “What’s deceptive is that the proponents claim it’s about marriage. It’s not about marriage, but in fact it’s about many other things well beyond marriage, most significantly health insurance benefits.”

Florida’s Catholic Conference is among those supporting the amendment.

Shelia Hopkins says, “We feel it’s important that marriage is between a man and a woman.”

Hopkins says marriage should be about having and raising children, yet the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees Union maintains the amendment will hurt children by denying health insurance not just to homosexuals, but to any sort of non-traditional families.