Southwest Georgia Still In A Drought

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Recent rainfall has brought more than four inches of water to the City of Thomasville alone.

Puddles can be seen gracing the ground in many Southwest Georgia towns leaving some to believe we're no longer under drought conditions.

But state climatologists say water flow at places like the Ochlocknee River are still below normal.

"You can say that we are abnormally dry to moderately drought. And that means that anywhere from 10 percent to maybe 25 percent behind," said R.J. Byrne, University of Georgia Agriculture and Natural Resource Extension Agent.

University of Georgia climatologist say quick hard rain often causes run-offs. They say the best solution to the drought will be a slow steady rain for days at a time.

Southwest Georgia has seen some rainfall over the past few weeks, but officials say watering restrictions are still in effect.

"I always tell folks I'd rather have food on the table than green grass meaning that farmers be able to make sure they have adequate water to grow crops," said Byrne.

Southwest Georgia remains under level 2 drought management restrictions.

This means even numbered houses can only water their lawns on Monday, Wednesday and Saturdays from midnight to 10 a.m.

Odd numbered houses are restricted to watering at the same time on Tuesday, Thursday, and Sundays.

Officials say slow heavy watering is much more effective than watering often. They say knowing how to properly take care of your lawn is key to helping with the environment.

"I think that if people are more informed and more aware of the big impact that it's going to have on us in the long run I think that if people were more informed they would definitely abide by the rules a little more," said Kristen Horne.

State climatologists say it took us months to get into a drought and it will take months to get out of one.

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