Bed Tax Approved in Taylor County

Several projects need funding, but only one can get the money.

The Taylor County Commission has approved a one-cent bed tax increase. A two percent bed tax was already applied to anyone staying in hotels and motels in the county.

Wayne Jones of the Taylor County Tourism Council says, "At the time they charge the guest, the tax is automatically added on to the regular sales tax. Right now the sales tax is seven percent; with two percent added is nine percent. This would go to 10 percent tax on the motel stays."

After years of funding uncertainty, some of the Taylor County commissioners suggested that the money generated from the bed tax go towards constructing the sports complex. However, arrangements have been made for the money to go elsewhere.

The county expects the new tax to raise approximately $45,000 a year, which will go towards improvements to the Forest Capital Hall Community Center.

Daryll Gunter, Chairman of the Taylor County Commission says, "It's been in bad need of repair. That one cent will go towards getting A/C in there, which will help us attract more concerts and different events and activities for the community."

Clay Olson, Taylor County Extension Director, says, "We hope to get some additional funds to do some sound, lighting, and other improvements to the building. The building's not hooked up to sewer, so that certainly would be an enhancement."

The bed tax will be in effect for five years. As for funding for the construction of that sports complex, Commissioner Gunter says it's being funded through different county and private revenue streams.