Businesses Come Together for Evacuee Students

Unwavering generosity can still be found close to home. Some nine local businesses are donating their time and money to help refurbish apartments for displaced students from Louisiana who are now taking classes at Florida A&M.

Several employees from the Ajax Building Corporation are busy hammering out last-minute details to Polkinghorne Village Apartments on Florida A&M's campus, all in an effort to house some 30 college students displaced by Hurricane Katrina.

Ted Parker, Director of Community Outreach, says, "We knew people needed help and we try to find a way the best way we could. We got a call from the university and that gave us the perfect opportunity, and opportunity to flat out see what we're doing rather than waiting for a check."

That cutting edge idea of extending a helping hand is resonating with area business owners who are helping to give a quick facelift to these 15 units.

Jimmie L. Wilson of Wilson & Son Painting, Inc., says, "We come in and paint the units inside and make it livable for the students, the hurricane victims, and I was glad to do anything that I could do.

And what these men were able to do was to give those displaced students a freshly painted facility, fully equipped with air conditioning units, making this labor of love the perfect tool to brighten up the students' lives while they continue their education.

The newly renovated apartments should be ready by early next week. Ajax Corporation donated $17,000 in materials and labor to renovate the 15 units.