TPD Officers Return From Katrina Relief Efforts

More than 30 officers have gone since Katrina struck.

SGT Mark Peavy and INV Melissa Yown have both spent a week or more amidst the rubble.

Both call the destruction "indescribable," and say they were struck by people's will to survive, despite it all.

SGT Mark Peavy with the Tallahassee Police Department says, "The roofs, the canopies were all blown down so you had people who were taking shelter in car washes and bank drive thru tellers, those drive through areas, just to have some shelter from the heat."

INV Melissa Yown adds, "We'd have families that were living in their cars. I have a picture of one of them. It's a young woman and her four kids and they lived in their car, and so they would come every day to get water and ice and baby supplies because she had, like, an infant."

INV Yown says she and her colleagues even helped to rescue a stranded sea lion that’d been tossed from the local aquarium.

Officers say they were thanked countless times for helping out. One city even hoisted the Florida flag in the center of town.